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Fold the paper “lanterns”

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Fold the paper lanterns (Fold Your Lamp)

Thomas Hick is undoubtedly a genius, he was almost perfectly the hands of the mysterious lantern of the old witch in the fairy tale world into reality. A 0.8 mm thick square plate, one side was painted orange, the other side to keep the true nature of the steel. Steel plate to be in advance in accordance with a line played a lot of holes make you very easily to form a strange polyhedron – Of course, before sealing please do not forget the led bulbs and wires on. Then look at the effect of it together on the switch, under the irradiation of light from the inside to the outside, this polyhedron formed a perfect light and shadow effects, as if you can smell, see which float out bursts of herbs taste, oh, the witch again in preparation for their evil feast ~

Need to be reminded that constitute a piece of fairy lanterns, square steel, pre-cut line is certain, however, the bending sequence and angle is random. That is, in theory, fairy lanterns almost unlimited form of expression. This is really a good play time “toys” ~~

Fold the paper lanterns (Fold Your Lamp)

Fold the paper lanterns (Fold Your Lamp)

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