Power is not the most important when buying LED lights

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Due to the domestic consumer long-term used to incandescent lamp with power (W) for brightness measure standard, now when seeing lighting products, people like to asked how many W, this view is actually a big error.

Because even a LED lamp can replace the same wattage, also can because of the different manufacturers, different brightness and power consumption.

This will bring the consumer confusion in the use of led lamp, and also lead to product performance of debate between manufacturers. Even cause the consumer only look at cheap price and buy high wattage low brightne

ss of products, to set obstacles for promote the popularization of LED lights.

In order to prevent this kind of phenomenon, surveying of land science and technology here suggest that we use lumen as reference standard when buying LED lamp. Lumen that light emission from the visible light flux combined. The power consumption is low, the lumen is higher, the product efficiency is high, the product performance is better.

So we can not only see how many watts of a light, we should consider many factors, in this way, we can buy a good LED light, what do you think?Originally LED energy saving of the products is a selling point, if can not reach the energy-saving effect, products is also no advantage, so in purchase only see power is wrong. Want to buy price lumen parameters. Buy one power is low, the lumen is high, the price is materially beneficial is a money and beauty cheap LED lighting LED Spotlight products.

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