LED or toward the development of multi-light source design

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The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, lantern Lantern Festival is also a custom one. Lighting necessary as home decoration products, more bears to create a home atmosphere, continue towards personalized, fine, humane, and light source diversification development.

  led lights will become the new light source protagonist
  Today, stroll lighting stores, It is often a mix of lighting to attract different types of led lighting in the price level of different.
   Generally speaking, in much the same light source, home lighting in accordance with the material can be roughly divided into the fabric lamps, wrought iron lamps, ceramic lamps, crystal lamps. Usually crystal lamp higher prices, different according to the number of balls of crystal lamps, purity, as well as the cutting process, the price of several thousand dollars in the first ten thousand dollars. Most of the price of other materials Lighting thousand dollars or less, which has a bright glazed or painted pattern ceramic lamp expensive fabric lamp.
  See the curve of styling and versatile lighting is becoming the darling of the market the lamps trends the Bandung exchange the ocean Dengjucheng released. Design, the curve shape to break the radius of the orthodox design flavor just soft on the outside, with a simple curve arrangement performance, simplicity and dynamic lines become core elements beautify the room. In addition, many lighting in the lighting on the basis of an increase of a variety of functions to enhance the use value.
  Now difficult to find in the major home exhibition lighting arrangement, will lead the new trend in the 2012 a technological light source lighting. After all, the core of the china led tube source is the lighting, with the deepening of the concept of green, those with less power consumption, easy installation of energy-saving lamps ornaments will be more and more popular.
  Environmental protection, low-voltage lights, low consumption of energy-saving lamps, colorful LED lights continue to become the new light source protagonist into sight. The advantage of these technology light source to create the lighting, lighting arena in 2012 will also be singing the main event.
  More natural light color
  Some designers believe that the role of lighting in the home is greater than the general ornaments. The shape and color of the lamps, is an integral part of the entire home decoration, the rational allocation of the lighting effects, better add luster for your home.
  As lighting, contrast room atmosphere is not only good results, more simple, convenient, fast. Family and friends gather to the Lantern Festival, circle colorful concealed spotlights as a secondary light source can be mounted in the top of the table, make the restaurant the atmosphere warm and inviting. When a variety of light sources of different intensity and texture fit together to produce one of the most dynamic lighting effects.
  Today, a light E14 led
, a color brighten the room, this monotonous and boring lighting design model has been gradually fade into the bedroom.
Rose light source, the green light, blue light, violet light source figure has been everywhere these past few color began to enter the home lighting people's attention.
   Lighting design in 2012 quietly "fade", the color will become more colorful, fresh, and pay more attention to the natural light color, lighting decoration will no longer be fragmented, but take into account the space more coordinated and holistic.
  The popularity of multi-source design
   Can be seen in this year's Paris home decoration fair, more daring and changeable designer lighting design and application, the multi-source design widely used in more space.

  The designer told reporters that and now indoor lighting design , from the past to focus only on a single light source transition to the pursuit of multiple light sources, the lighting design of the biggest changes will be diversification of the light source. To people's needs has been a fundamental change occurred, Second, designers have realized that people's needs change, and starting to focus on lighting design impact on people's lives.

As a necessary product for home decoration, lighting, and now continue towards personalized, fine, humane, and light source diversification. Environmental protection, low-voltage lights, low consumption of energy-saving lamps, colorful led lights, continue to become the new light source protagonist into sight.
   "Now consumers choose lamps not only consider the appearance, energy saving, as well as the useful life also become an important selection factor." Engaged in lighting sales the past five years, Mr. Wang said, "In the past, 90% of consumers elect lights only evidently, and the choice hardly consider what kind of light source, the stability of the light source, energy saving and other issues, but now more and more consumers choose lamps when energy conservation as an important reference index.
       From last year's major home show, the reporter also found that the presence of more and more technology-driven light source lighting. "After all, the core of the light source is the lighting, with the deepening of the concept of green, energy-efficient lighting that has the advantages of low power consumption, easy installation will become increasingly popular." IKEA (Tianjin) Zhang Yang, director of marketing, told reporters, Ikea plans to 2016, sales in the mall all lighting products will be put on LED lights.
        Science and technology of LED lights and other light sources not only energy saving, safety, as well as to promote the development of the lighting design makes the lighting is not only confined to the square, round of traditional style, toward the curve such as the development of personalized styling, performance with a simple curve arrangement velvet glove just the flavor, simple and dynamic lines become core elements beautify the room gradually become the darling of the market.
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