LED to enter civilian light

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Incandescent the deadline is approaching. Edison's invention of this lighting technology, has 130 years of service to mankind, and still has not changed much, it is time to quit the stage of history.

Whether it is the European Union, the United States or China, are in turn launched out incandescent roadmap. According to the roadmap, from October 1, 2012, a total ban on the sale and import of the above 100w incandescent; the next four years, followed by the phase-out of incandescent lamps of different power until 2016, more than 15w incandescent completely exit lighting market.

Lighting revolution

The industry view, the development of a new generation of lighting technology war has already started, the china led tube is the trend of the times, the whole industry is in competition for the commanding heights of the LED technology.

American Electrical Contractor magazine of the nation's 700 building electrical contractors survey shows that 33% of the electrical contractor that LED is ready to replace incandescent, 23% of contractors said the LED will be ready to replace compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) There are 19% of the respondents said LEDs to replace fluorescent lamps.

The LED is a light emitting diode referred to, in essence, it is a solid state semiconductor devices, can be directly converted into electricity to light. Back in the sixties of the last century, the General Electric Company invented the mr16 led lamps. In the seventies, the red LED the first widely used on the small calculators and electronic watches. Blue, red, green and other colored LED center stage in the next few decades, for lights, signal lights, screen, landscape lighting. But they can not play a role in everyone's living room, until 1996, been developed white LED, LED technology began in the field of home lighting caused by change.

Less than 10% compared to incandescent tungsten light, fluorescent light trichromatic light-emitting LED with electroluminescent efficiency is quite high - it can be about 25% -40% of the electrical energy into light, and incandescent only able electrical energy into light, the rest are converted into heat energy wasted.

Lighting consumption in China accounts for about 12% of the entire electricity consumption, improve lighting electricity is an important way for energy saving lighting energy efficiency lies in improving the efficiency of electrical energy into light and reduce the wear and tear of the lamp itself, taking into account the climate change and energy shortages the background, led bulbs manufacturer, of course be able to attract the eyes of the world - the same luminous efficiency than incandescent, LED lamp 80% energy saving.

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