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Huge improvement of the luminous performance in the field of solid-state lighting industry has shown that the light-emitting diode (LED) lighting alternative is to replace the existing lighting technology, this is not a time in the future is today. Spurred a key factor in the adoption of LED lighting technology is that it can save a lot of energy, as well as long-term reliability of the work.

According to the report of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S. 22% of the electricity used for lighting, the equivalent of 1000 the output of a large power plant, the total value of the equivalent of $ 55 billion. DOE expects that not more than 10 years, the efficiency of solid-state lighting will reach 150lm / W (lumens / watt), to equivalent incandescent efficiency of 10 to 12 times, 2 times the compact fluorescent lamps. If this efficiency calculation, it is assumed that 50% of the lighting replaced with LED lighting could save U.S. national electric energy from 6% to 7% (savings of $ 17 billion a year). When many people no doubt believe that LED lighting can be long-term energy savings, in fact, they do not believe that LED lighting really save energy today. Of course, today's LED lighting initial purchase price may be several times the traditional lighting, which limits the use of LED lighting. However, the first installation of LED lighting lamps indicate that the projected energy savings are real.

In the fall of last year, Wal-Mart announced over more than 500 warehouses using LED lighting system to replace the existing system in the cold. 66% of Wal-Mart's operating costs for the purchase of electricity, it is estimated that the switch to LED lighting led display manufacturer in the freezer will save $ 3.8 million annually.

In February 2007, the the Gree company and the United States, North Carolina, Raleigh City announced jointly launched the testing, installation, so as to promote the application of LED technology in a variety of conventional lighting field. "LED City" (Ann Arbor and Toronto subsequently increase in.) started that have a real laboratory "for assessing the feelings of the residents of these cities on LED lighting, as well as the impact of the economic, environmental.

The first LED city Raleigh project was implemented in December 2006 in the first floor of the municipal building parking. Cree LED lighting led products fixtures, and fixed equipment provided by Lighting Science Group Corporation ( Raleigh city electricity service provider of advanced energy measurement, floor equipped with LED lighting energy consumption by at least 40% less than the transformation of the former. According to the findings of the the Mindware research institutions, users of the car park garage lighting quality has been greatly improved, and people feel more secure.

The Cree company has announced plans to all lighting facilities located in Durham, North Carolina, USA headquarters and manufacturing equipment are transformed into the LED lighting system. The transformation of the first phase is completed, the headquarters building parking the collar tickets at the entrance road, pedestrian porch, and a conference room have to achieve 100% LED lighting led lamp manufacturer. The sum of the energy-saving, plus lower maintenance costs and retirement costs, as well as the improvement of the environment are strong evidence of the need for reform of the traditional lighting.

Studies have shown that consumption of energy before and after the transformation of the lighting system, new lighting system energy consumption is less than 48% of the sum of the energy consumption be replaced incandescent, fluorescent and high pressure sodium.

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