Characteristics of gas sensor

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1 the main features of gas sensor
1.1 Stability
Stability refers to the stability of the basic response of the sensors in the entire time, depending on the zero drift and range drift.
Zero drift refers to changes in the absence of the target gas, the sensor output response time.
Range drift sensors placed consecutively in the target Gas Sensor in the output response to changes in the performance of the sensor output signal during working hours reduced.
Ideally, a sensor under continuous working conditions in each of zero drift is less than 10%
1.2 Sensitivity
Sensitivity refers to the ratio of the variation of sensor output and the measured input change is mainly dependent on the technology used in the structure of the sensor. Most of the gas sensor design principles of Biochemistry, electrochemistry, physics and optics. The first thing to consider is a sensitive technique, it is the target gas valve limit (TLV-thresh-old limit value) or lower explosive limit (LEL-lower explosive limit), the percentage of detection have sufficient sensitivity
1.3 Selective
The selectivity is also known as cross-sensitivity. This response is equivalent to a certain concentration of target gas generated by the sensor response can be determined by measuring the sensor response generated by the interference of the concentration of a particular gas. This feature is very important in tracking a variety of gas applications, will reduce the measurement of cross-sensitivity, repeatability and reliability, the ideal Sensor should have high sensitivity and high selectivity
1.4 corrosion resistance
Corrosion resistance when the sensor is exposed to the high volume fraction of the target gas, the ability of the large number of leaks of the gas, the probe should be able to withstand the expected gas volume fraction of 10 to 20 times return to normal operating conditions, the sensor manufacturer drift and zero point correction due may be small.
The basic characteristics of the gas sensor sensitivity, selectivity and stability, mainly through the choice of materials to identify and select appropriate materials and develop new materials, so that the sensitive nature of the gas sensor optimal.

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