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In the fabrication and manufacturing world, quality and productivity are everything. Here is what you should know about robotic welding.

To remain competitive, Automation companies need to look continually for ways to increase throughput and minimize defects, while also keeping costs low for parts and labour. In many cases, turning to robotic welding is a means to achieve those goals—for both the smaller job shop and larger manufacturing facilities.

The decision to implement a robotic weld cell, however, takes a good deal of consideration and planning if the system is to function in the most efficient, productive and profitable manner. And it requires a significant investment.

Fortunately, the long-term benefits of a robotic welding operation can be very positive. For companies who have already invested in robotic welding, but are looking to improve or better understand their operations, or for those considering the investment, it is critical to consider some key factors about the technology. Here, we will explore “what you must know about robotic welding” to make the most of the process.

1. There’s more to the payback on a robotic welding system than just speed

Justifying the cost of a robotic weld cell comes down to the ability to gain (and prove) a payback on the investment. Typically, that payback comes in the form of greater productivity and higher-quality welds (which minimize instances of costly and time-consuming rework), but there are other contributing factors to the return on the investment (ROI) in this technology. Robotic welding also offers the advantage of lower energy and labour costs, and in many cases lower material costs due to fewer instances of overwelding. Overwelding is a common and costly occurrence in semi-automatic welding. A weld bead that is 1/8-inch larger than necessary can double filler metal costs, but a robot can reduce those costs by only putting down as much material as necessary. Plus, robotic welding systems use bulk filler metals (600-pound drums, for example) that companies can often purchase at a greater discount.

For companies just considering the investment in robotic welding, it is important to consider how to calculate the payback. Assess the current part cycle times and compare those to the potential cycle times of a robot. A trusted robotic welding integrator or OEM can often help with this calculation. During this process, also consider the possibility of reallocating existing labour to other parts of the welding operation, where these individuals can add value to the process. Remember, up to 75 per cent of the cost in a semi-automatic welding operation is labour. If there is an opportunity to use that labour elsewhere to increase part production, the payback on the investment in robotic welding will increase.

Most companies—particularly smaller ones or those with frequent production changes—seek a payback on the robotic welding investment of no greater than 12 to 15 months. That time frame is entirely possible to achieve with proper up-front planning of the part blueprints, fixturing and general setup of the system. In some cases, companies may be able to justify a longer payback period if they know that their production needs will remain relatively static for longer periods of time.

2. Parts and product flow need to be consistent

The output from a robotic welding cell is only as good as the parts fed into it. In order to gain the advantages of these systems, it is critical to have accurate, repeatable part designs. Gaps, poor fit-up or poor joint access all prevent a robot from completing its job correctly.

The best part designs for a robotic welding application are simple ones that allow the robot to execute the same weld repeatedly. High-volume applications with low-variety parts are especially poised to gain the advantages of robotic welding. Companies should try to avoid part designs that require intricate tooling or clamping to hold it in place, as both can hinder the efficiency of the robot and also add to the up-front cost of the operation. That said, in some cases, companies may still be able to gain a good payback on the investment in tooling for slightly more complex parts, but they will need to weigh out the pros and cons of that cost ahead of time.

Companies also need to be certain to assess their overall welding operation for consistent process flow. Bottlenecks upstream can easily slow down the movement of parts into the robotic work cell and the ability of the system to function to its full capacity. A robot that sits idle costs time and money. Some companies may need to reconfigure operations or set up a flexible cell that can manage quick tool and fixture changes in order to minimize bottlenecks in the process flow. It is also important to have adequate labour to supply the robot with parts.

Again, companies should consider tapping the knowledge of a robotic welding integrator for advice and assistance to optimize process flow.

3. The MIG guns and consumables on the robot can impact productivity and profitability

The robotic MIG gun and consumables on a robot together are responsible for directing the current to the arc to complete the weld, making them integral components in the whole system. To gain the best quality and to avoid expensive downtime for maintenance, repairs or replacement, companies need to select a robotic MIG gun that is suitable for the amperage, duty cycle and cooling capacity needed in the application. Using a robotic MIG gun that offers inadequate cooling or amperage can cause performance issues and lead to premature failure—both factors that increase costs and downtime. Likewise, using a robotic MIG gun that offers higher amperages than necessary raises the total cost of ownership, as typically the cost of a robotic MIG gun increases directly in proportion to its amperage.

Companies also need to select their consumables—contact tips, nozzles, retaining heads (diffusers) and liners—carefully and manage them properly in order to gain optimal productivity and lower costs.

Heavy- or extended-duty contact tips and nozzles, for example, are a good choice to withstand the heat of higher amperage applications and can help

minimize downtime for changeover. Conversely, lower amperage applications or ones with shorter arc times may be better suited to standard-duty consumables, which also tend to cost less.

As with robotic MIG guns, carefully matching the type of consumables to the application can keep companies from having to address premature failures and/or accrue costly downtime (not to mention, lapses in production). It can also keep them from overpaying for consumables that may be too much for the application.

Companies should also consider the mode of welding when selecting consumables, as technology such as pulsed welding tends to be especially harsh on consumables and often requires heavy-duty options to withstand the heat of the arc for longer periods of time.

4. Peripherals can help improve the return on investment in a robotic welding operation

Peripherals refer to any additional equipment integrated into the robotic welding system to maximize its performance. They include items such as a nozzle cleaning station (sometimes called a reamer or spatter cleaner), anti-spatter sprayers, wire cutters and neck alignment tools. Unfortunately, some companies downplay the value of peripherals, viewing them as an unnecessary cost, and don’t realize that they can play an important role in reducing downtime and rework, improving quality and increasing productivity.

Consider a nozzle cleaning station, for example. As its name implies, this peripheral cleans the nozzle of dirt, debris and spatter, typically during routine pauses in the robotic welding operation. This cleaning action helps prevent shielding gas coverage loss that could lead to weld defects, expensive rework and lost productivity. The equipment also helps the front-end consumables last longer — and longer consumable life means less downtime for changeover and less expense for replacements. The addition of an anti-spatter sprayer further improves consumable life and performance by adding an anti-spatter compound that serves as a protective barrier against spatter buildup and other contaminants.

In the long run, the up-front investment in peripherals such as these can lead to measurable savings and provide a better return on investment by aiding the robot in doing what it does best: complete consistent, high-quality welds for longer periods of time than a semi-automatic welding operation.

5. Having skilled operators with proper training to oversee the robotic weld cell is critical

Robotic welding operations require ongoing supervision and maintenance, and that job needs to be completed by a skilled operator who has undergone the proper training. When considering an investment in robotic welding, companies should take care to evaluate the available pool of talent. As a rule, skilled welding operators and/or employees with prior robotic welding experience are the best candidates to supervise the weld cell.  After the proper training, which a robotic integrator or OEM can typically provide, these employees can provide the necessary operating and troubleshooting skills to ensure the maximum uptime in the robotic welding cell.

As part of the routine training, it is absolutely necessary for the operators who will be overseeing the robot to be able to schedule and perform routine preventive maintenance on the system. Implementing preventive maintenance helps minimize unnecessary downtime and keep the robotic welding system running more smoothly. If problems can be solved before they arise and the robotic welding equipment made to last longer, it can protect the company’s investment, and ensure the productivity and profitability sought by this equipment in the first place.

Companies should consider vetting robotic welding integrators to determine the availability and costs associated with the training of personnel. Typically training lasts one to three weeks, depending on the certification level desired, and continuing tutorials are often available.

In the end, careful planning, good equipment selection and proper training are all “must-knows” for managing a profitable and productive robotic welding operation. So whether a company is new to robotic welding or trying to improve an existing operation, knowing some key factors can go a long way in helping to gain a competitive edge and to make the most out of the investment.

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Due to the domestic consumer long-term used to incandescent lamp with power (W) for brightness measure standard, now when seeing lighting products, people like to asked how many W, this view is actually a big error.

Because even a LED lamp can replace the same wattage, also can because of the different manufacturers, different brightness and power consumption.

This will bring the consumer confusion in the use of led lamp, and also lead to product performance of debate between manufacturers. Even cause the consumer only look at cheap price and buy high wattage low brightne

ss of products, to set obstacles for promote the popularization of LED lights.

In order to prevent this kind of phenomenon, surveying of land science and technology here suggest that we use lumen as reference standard when buying LED lamp. Lumen that light emission from the visible light flux combined. The power consumption is low, the lumen is higher, the product efficiency is high, the product performance is better.

So we can not only see how many watts of a light, we should consider many factors, in this way, we can buy a good LED light, what do you think?Originally LED energy saving of the products is a selling point, if can not reach the energy-saving effect, products is also no advantage, so in purchase only see power is wrong. Want to buy price lumen parameters. Buy one power is low, the lumen is high, the price is materially beneficial is a money and beauty cheap LED lighting LED Spotlight products.

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Check exterior lighting bulbs burn out failure is an extremely fast and simple work. However, a comprehensive system of maintenance of the exterior lighting is not so simple. The timely maintenance exterior lighting drivers crucial, because that affects not only driving comfort, but also directly related to traffic safety. Usually are reminded, the owners are hardly aware of the headlights, taillights, turn signals, parking lights already does not work. By the way, very simple to replace the burned out bulb, lower than the cost of its DIY repair station led lighting system maintenance charges.

More cases, the failure of the lights must not only limited to the bulb burns out, corroded socket or plug is damaged small problems often need to take professional diagnostic techniques to analyze the root cause of failure. Even those low-cost automotive , its internal and external fixtures also by the host computer control. Those luxury cars , only the car light to be controlled by the computer.

If the car is equipped with daytime running lights the Department DRLs (DaytimeRunninGLamps), you must first understand the working principle of these devices. For example, some of the daytime running lights system before starting the engine , the daytime running lights can not be opened; some daytime running lights Department, if the parking brake has not been canceled, even if the engine has started, the daytime running lights still not working properly. If the vehicle is equipped with a light control light (that is, when the outside mr16 led light dim to a certain extent, the system has automatically turn on the headlights function), may wish to check the photosensitive lights from the weakest to the strongest state, of course, Do not ignore the check automatically turn off the timer. If the system is equipped with a timer, set it to the maximum delay.

If the headlight is damaged, usually by a similar lamp for replacement. Some car equipped with a high-intensity-discharge headlights HID, high-pressure arc discharge generated by the device through its pre-designed electronic system to generate a high-density light source. Note that ordinary quartz - halogen bulbs can not be applied in this. Also, check whether the headlight lens cracks, surface cracks and will not affect the the headlights lighting performance, but the moisture infiltration along the crack fixture, which is bound to reduce the service life of the bulb.

The headlight illumination direction calibration should be included in the list of maintenance items In order to ensure the safety of motorists driving the biggest, the headlights must be able to provide good forward lighting for vehicles traveling.

I seize the key, also must not forget that to test other lights Department, such as turn signals , vehicle license plate lamp, showing the wide lights, parking lights, reversing lights and brake lights (including intermediate CHMSL CHMSL). In addition, many of the vehicles will be optional fog lights as standard equipment or popular, fog lamps generally installed in a lower position on the car , so it's easy to damage by stones, its maintenance, in addition to checking the lighting system itself headlight lens cracks should not be overlooked.

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The Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese festival, lantern Lantern Festival is also a custom one. Lighting necessary as home decoration products, more bears to create a home atmosphere, continue towards personalized, fine, humane, and light source diversification development.

  led lights will become the new light source protagonist
  Today, stroll lighting stores, It is often a mix of lighting to attract different types of led lighting in the price level of different.
   Generally speaking, in much the same light source, home lighting in accordance with the material can be roughly divided into the fabric lamps, wrought iron lamps, ceramic lamps, crystal lamps. Usually crystal lamp higher prices, different according to the number of balls of crystal lamps, purity, as well as the cutting process, the price of several thousand dollars in the first ten thousand dollars. Most of the price of other materials Lighting thousand dollars or less, which has a bright glazed or painted pattern ceramic lamp expensive fabric lamp.
  See the curve of styling and versatile lighting is becoming the darling of the market the lamps trends the Bandung exchange the ocean Dengjucheng released. Design, the curve shape to break the radius of the orthodox design flavor just soft on the outside, with a simple curve arrangement performance, simplicity and dynamic lines become core elements beautify the room. In addition, many lighting in the lighting on the basis of an increase of a variety of functions to enhance the use value.
  Now difficult to find in the major home exhibition lighting arrangement, will lead the new trend in the 2012 a technological light source lighting. After all, the core of the china led tube source is the lighting, with the deepening of the concept of green, those with less power consumption, easy installation of energy-saving lamps ornaments will be more and more popular.
  Environmental protection, low-voltage lights, low consumption of energy-saving lamps, colorful LED lights continue to become the new light source protagonist into sight. The advantage of these technology light source to create the lighting, lighting arena in 2012 will also be singing the main event.
  More natural light color
  Some designers believe that the role of lighting in the home is greater than the general ornaments. The shape and color of the lamps, is an integral part of the entire home decoration, the rational allocation of the lighting effects, better add luster for your home.
  As lighting, contrast room atmosphere is not only good results, more simple, convenient, fast. Family and friends gather to the Lantern Festival, circle colorful concealed spotlights as a secondary light source can be mounted in the top of the table, make the restaurant the atmosphere warm and inviting. When a variety of light sources of different intensity and texture fit together to produce one of the most dynamic lighting effects.
  Today, a light E14 led
, a color brighten the room, this monotonous and boring lighting design model has been gradually fade into the bedroom.
Rose light source, the green light, blue light, violet light source figure has been everywhere these past few color began to enter the home lighting people's attention.
   Lighting design in 2012 quietly "fade", the color will become more colorful, fresh, and pay more attention to the natural light color, lighting decoration will no longer be fragmented, but take into account the space more coordinated and holistic.
  The popularity of multi-source design
   Can be seen in this year's Paris home decoration fair, more daring and changeable designer lighting design and application, the multi-source design widely used in more space.

  The designer told reporters that and now indoor lighting design , from the past to focus only on a single light source transition to the pursuit of multiple light sources, the lighting design of the biggest changes will be diversification of the light source. To people's needs has been a fundamental change occurred, Second, designers have realized that people's needs change, and starting to focus on lighting design impact on people's lives.

As a necessary product for home decoration, lighting, and now continue towards personalized, fine, humane, and light source diversification. Environmental protection, low-voltage lights, low consumption of energy-saving lamps, colorful led lights, continue to become the new light source protagonist into sight.
   "Now consumers choose lamps not only consider the appearance, energy saving, as well as the useful life also become an important selection factor." Engaged in lighting sales the past five years, Mr. Wang said, "In the past, 90% of consumers elect lights only evidently, and the choice hardly consider what kind of light source, the stability of the light source, energy saving and other issues, but now more and more consumers choose lamps when energy conservation as an important reference index.
       From last year's major home show, the reporter also found that the presence of more and more technology-driven light source lighting. "After all, the core of the light source is the lighting, with the deepening of the concept of green, energy-efficient lighting that has the advantages of low power consumption, easy installation will become increasingly popular." IKEA (Tianjin) Zhang Yang, director of marketing, told reporters, Ikea plans to 2016, sales in the mall all lighting products will be put on LED lights.
        Science and technology of LED lights and other light sources not only energy saving, safety, as well as to promote the development of the lighting design makes the lighting is not only confined to the square, round of traditional style, toward the curve such as the development of personalized styling, performance with a simple curve arrangement velvet glove just the flavor, simple and dynamic lines become core elements beautify the room gradually become the darling of the market.
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Incandescent the deadline is approaching. Edison's invention of this lighting technology, has 130 years of service to mankind, and still has not changed much, it is time to quit the stage of history.

Whether it is the European Union, the United States or China, are in turn launched out incandescent roadmap. According to the roadmap, from October 1, 2012, a total ban on the sale and import of the above 100w incandescent; the next four years, followed by the phase-out of incandescent lamps of different power until 2016, more than 15w incandescent completely exit lighting market.

Lighting revolution

The industry view, the development of a new generation of lighting technology war has already started, the china led tube is the trend of the times, the whole industry is in competition for the commanding heights of the LED technology.

American Electrical Contractor magazine of the nation's 700 building electrical contractors survey shows that 33% of the electrical contractor that LED is ready to replace incandescent, 23% of contractors said the LED will be ready to replace compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) There are 19% of the respondents said LEDs to replace fluorescent lamps.

The LED is a light emitting diode referred to, in essence, it is a solid state semiconductor devices, can be directly converted into electricity to light. Back in the sixties of the last century, the General Electric Company invented the mr16 led lamps. In the seventies, the red LED the first widely used on the small calculators and electronic watches. Blue, red, green and other colored LED center stage in the next few decades, for lights, signal lights, screen, landscape lighting. But they can not play a role in everyone's living room, until 1996, been developed white LED, LED technology began in the field of home lighting caused by change.

Less than 10% compared to incandescent tungsten light, fluorescent light trichromatic light-emitting LED with electroluminescent efficiency is quite high - it can be about 25% -40% of the electrical energy into light, and incandescent only able electrical energy into light, the rest are converted into heat energy wasted.

Lighting consumption in China accounts for about 12% of the entire electricity consumption, improve lighting electricity is an important way for energy saving lighting energy efficiency lies in improving the efficiency of electrical energy into light and reduce the wear and tear of the lamp itself, taking into account the climate change and energy shortages the background, led bulbs manufacturer, of course be able to attract the eyes of the world - the same luminous efficiency than incandescent, LED lamp 80% energy saving.

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Huge improvement of the luminous performance in the field of solid-state lighting industry has shown that the light-emitting diode (LED) lighting alternative is to replace the existing lighting technology, this is not a time in the future is today. Spurred a key factor in the adoption of LED lighting technology is that it can save a lot of energy, as well as long-term reliability of the work.

According to the report of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the U.S. 22% of the electricity used for lighting, the equivalent of 1000 the output of a large power plant, the total value of the equivalent of $ 55 billion. DOE expects that not more than 10 years, the efficiency of solid-state lighting will reach 150lm / W (lumens / watt), to equivalent incandescent efficiency of 10 to 12 times, 2 times the compact fluorescent lamps. If this efficiency calculation, it is assumed that 50% of the lighting replaced with LED lighting could save U.S. national electric energy from 6% to 7% (savings of $ 17 billion a year). When many people no doubt believe that LED lighting can be long-term energy savings, in fact, they do not believe that LED lighting really save energy today. Of course, today's LED lighting initial purchase price may be several times the traditional lighting, which limits the use of LED lighting. However, the first installation of LED lighting lamps indicate that the projected energy savings are real.

In the fall of last year, Wal-Mart announced over more than 500 warehouses using LED lighting system to replace the existing system in the cold. 66% of Wal-Mart's operating costs for the purchase of electricity, it is estimated that the switch to LED lighting led display manufacturer in the freezer will save $ 3.8 million annually.

In February 2007, the the Gree company and the United States, North Carolina, Raleigh City announced jointly launched the testing, installation, so as to promote the application of LED technology in a variety of conventional lighting field. "LED City" (Ann Arbor and Toronto subsequently increase in.) started that have a real laboratory "for assessing the feelings of the residents of these cities on LED lighting, as well as the impact of the economic, environmental.

The first LED city Raleigh project was implemented in December 2006 in the first floor of the municipal building parking. Cree LED lighting led products fixtures, and fixed equipment provided by Lighting Science Group Corporation (www.lsgc.com). Raleigh city electricity service provider of advanced energy measurement, floor equipped with LED lighting energy consumption by at least 40% less than the transformation of the former. According to the findings of the the Mindware research institutions, users of the car park garage lighting quality has been greatly improved, and people feel more secure.

The Cree company has announced plans to all lighting facilities located in Durham, North Carolina, USA headquarters and manufacturing equipment are transformed into the LED lighting system. The transformation of the first phase is completed, the headquarters building parking the collar tickets at the entrance road, pedestrian porch, and a conference room have to achieve 100% LED lighting led lamp manufacturer. The sum of the energy-saving, plus lower maintenance costs and retirement costs, as well as the improvement of the environment are strong evidence of the need for reform of the traditional lighting.

Studies have shown that consumption of energy before and after the transformation of the lighting system, new lighting system energy consumption is less than 48% of the sum of the energy consumption be replaced incandescent, fluorescent and high pressure sodium.

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The technology of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) led light has been greatly advanced in the last decade or so, which has greatly facilitated the artificial plant growth technology. And now you can choose the LED grow lights to cultivate any kind of plant in your home without the time restriction. The LED grow lights also enable you to grow several different plants at the same time, which might not have been possible naturally, given the weather conditions. You can grow plants for the love of gardening, or solely to obtain fruits. According to your different requirements, there are various types of LED grow lights available in the market. Among them some focus on extensive plant growth as a whole, while others focus on enhancing particular function of the plant.

It is the far less heat and far more photosynthetic light than the old systems that enable LED grow lights the optimal replacement for fluorescent and HPS lamps. LED grow lights also emit specific light with determined wavelength which is necessary for plant growth, as against old systems which emit a whole spectrum of light. The wavelengths can automatically change with time intervals according to the pre-programmed pattern, which facilitates proper plant growth in different phases.

Also maintaining the right degree of water and nutrient supply, and ventilation in the room where you grow your plants is very important. You can obtain the extensive manuals that guide you regarding all aspects of artificial plant growth from the companies which sell LED grow lights.
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Residence LED solar powered lights would be the most recent in solar power products to hit the market place. By being no cost of relying on standard electricity sources, these modern day lights really are a dream for designers in terms of outdoor lighting.

How solar power LED lights led bulb came about:

Ever because solar energy became portable, men and women have thought of as many solar energy uses as you possibly can. What created solar power so attractive for outdoor lighting was its portability – replacing the require for long, unsightly extension leads within the garden. Initially individuals attempted making use of compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, but the little solar panels could not generate adequate wattage for the lights to burn vivid adequate.

As a result the solar light industry was limited to places near the equator with large amounts of sunlight. As well as then the solar panels and batteries had to be significant adequate to cater for the period of longest nights, shortest days and cloudiest conditions.

Then as LED lights china led manufacturer started hitting the marketplace, producers realized they could be best for solar lighting given that they burned brightly, but utilized minimal energy. LED Home Decorations.And thanks to technological improvements in property solar energy LED lights, the solar lighting market is no longer confined to equatorial locations with all the most level of direct sunlight and highest temperatures.

So what had been the technological improvements, and just how did they benefit the solar market?

They were:

1. Optimized system efficiency

LED lights are now capable of optimizing existing flows, exactly where no energy is wasted, so the overall technique efficiency is virtually one hundred percent.

2. LED’s might be fine tuned

Given that solar LED lights can be programmed, users are now capable to select not only exactly where the light is delivered but additionally how brightly and when it truly is delivered. This has led to a reduction in solar panel and battery size by as considerably as 50 percent on the original outdoor lighting program.

3. Productive illumination

LED lights are capable to supply directional beams of light, exactly where about 90 percent could be utilized for ambient lighting and a additional 70 percent for task lighting. In addition, a 45 lumen LED light can generate the same volume of light as a 75 lumen CFL bulb, resulting in reduce electrical power usage and charges for running a residence power solar lighting system.

4. Improved efficiency, effectiveness and lifespan in cold temperatures

Most outdoor lamps are likely to lose overall performance and lifetime in colder temperatures – where they appear rather dim or burn out really swiftly in sub-zero climates. But LED’s are different – they don’t produce light from a filament, but rather a micro-chip. And given that micro-chips run greater at lower temperatures, solar LED lights cheap led lights can final 5 to 10 times longer than CFL bulbs.

With all these technological breakthroughs anybody is now capable to appreciate property LED solar powered lights at property, irrespective of where they live. And if you know the best way to make your personal solar panel technique, all you have to do is add some inexpensive LED lights to get pleasure from no cost outdoor lighting. It couldn’t be easier!

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Compared with the LCD panel, OLED technology has the advantages of active light, ultra-thin, low-power, colorful, becoming the new hot spot for international field development, global panel makers are major technical layout and industrial layout to the OLED led lights industry transfer.

Existing LCD panel can not self-luminous, it is necessary to rely on a backlight module with certain restrictions, and therefore room for improvement in the energy consumption. Contrast emerging display technologies AMOLED Because of its self-light emitting characteristics, the screen can be controlled according to the pattern of light and dark to each pixel of the panel, it is possible to effectively reduce power consumption.

Driven by South Korea's Samsung, AMOLED is the first application in the mobile phone products, the AMOLED mobile terminal market in less than five inches matured. It can be predicted that the AMOLED panel demand continued to grow. 2015 AMOLED panel shipments are expected to reach 300 million, compared with 2010, an increase of nearly 6 times.

In early 2012, Samsung and LG Display launched the first 55-inch OLED products, set off a large-size OLED TVs investment boom. OLED panel TV market to more than 32 inches further, then TV energy saving effect will be increased dramatically. However, the large size of AMOLED products still faces huge challenges, including the stability of the process, the level of yield, material acquisition, expensive and life issues, which are decided the success of large-size AMOLED LED Display enter the TV market.

Needless to say, AMOLED has inherent advantages in energy saving technology. Face the situation of the Korean factory almost exclusively OLED market, Chinese manufacturers should, on the one hand, the expansion of production capacity of the substrate, and reduce costs; On the other hand, the self-control of the materials and equipment for the development of the OLED industry is also very important.

Furthermore, organic light-emitting layer material is the key to affect the performance of the AMOLED panel, AMOLED energy To Raw materials fuss. At the same current, and how to make the light emitted by the organic light emitting material is more bright, efforts in the direction of material manufacturers. Currently, Japan, Korea, Germany, the U.S. material manufacturers basic monopoly AMOLED luminescent materials market, resulting in high prices of organic light-emitting layer material. In recent years, the South Korean government and the panel manufacturers to support their domestic chemical plants developed organic light-emitting layer material and SMD and LGD try to reduce panel production costs by using cheaper domestic materials. The other hand, the panel makers in china led, although the Taiwanese manufacturers R & D, but also poor luminous efficiency, mainland China is still in the laboratory research and development stage, the material is dependent on foreign imports, the self-control of materials and equipment is also very important for the development of the AMOLED industry.

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electric wire  Light Ivy led lamp (1)

Failed to appear before the wireless power technology, each lamp will inevitably dragging a long power cord, its chaotic as cumbersome, it is better to let it become part of the design. This LED lights House IVY Ivy led lighting by designer of Choi Hyeryong and Choi Ho Seok bring wire design incorporated into the overall design of the led bulb, equipped with 16 high-power LED lamp very light and small, and the same color of the power cord with moderate hardness can freely bend the cable so that you can become simple lines sketched beautiful graphics, easily adsorbed on the monotonous wall, play imaginative better home decoration, according to the needs of the user free to change the length and be free to adjust the angle of illumination design 2011 red dot design award. Mixed light line on the wall, not on the ground than the share of the more interesting it.


electric wire  Light Ivy led lamp (5)

electric wire  Light Ivy led lamp (2)

electric wire  Light Ivy led lamp (3)

electric wire  Light Ivy led lamp (4)

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اخبار و رسانه هاهنر و ادبیاترایانه و اینترنتعلم و فن آوریتجارت و اقتصاداندیشه و مذهبفوتو بلاگوبلاگ و وبلاگ نویسیفرهنگ و تاریخجامعه و سیاستورزشسرگرمی و طنزشخصیخانواده و زندگیسفر و توریسمفارسی زبان در دیگر کشورهاads-123